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JD Highlights


Waterproof Bags

Dry Bag - 10L

Waterproof Bags

Dry Bag -5L

SKROSS Travel Adapters

SKROSS World Travel Adapter EVO USB


JD1063 Laptop Backpack


JD1112 Laptop Backpack

Document Bag

Platinum Laptop Document Bag

Wine Accessories

Wine Opener with Nylon Pouch

Luggage Strap & Weighing Scale

L88-PL250 Luggage Strap with TSA Lock

TSA Locks

TSA Cardkey Lock

Leather Gifts Set

Set - Passport Holder & Luggage Tag

Leather Passport Holders

Leather Passport Holder

Leather Luggage Tags

Leather Luggage Tag

Cerruti Gift Sets

Cerruti 1881 Set - Card Holder & Ballpoint Pen

Pen - Cerruti 1881

Cerruti 1881 - Holt - Rollerball Pen

Pen - Cerruti 1881

CERRUTI 1881 - Fairfax - Ballpoint Pen

Corporate Gifts Singapore

JD Technology Pte Ltd a famous business entrepreneur in the field of corporate gifts for exporting & manufacturing unique products. Its main agenda since 2002 has been to provide its customer with best stunning products & its quality. We deliver an array of unbeatable gifts. What we deliver to our customer?


  • IT Gifts
  • Door Gifts
  • Promotional Gifts
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Premium Gifts
  • Business Gifts
  • Advertising Gifts
  • Corporate Expo Products
  • Welcoming Gifts for clients
  • Customized Printing for your Gifts


The trends for offering gifts has never ended up & nor will, as corporate business environment is always full of stardom, but to maintain with image of the respective department our customer always finds in search of getting something new to make them unique from others. To make sure that your gifts are worth full to others, you just need to focus on expenses and time to make sure that you choose the best.


How corporate gift ideas can help customers?


Customers are the basic key to any business, so no chance of letting them down in any case, so is our goal to make our customer needs fulfilled with respect to their demands.


Why Premium Gifts Singapore


Expressing your thanks giving for new & old clients, new staff woos expressing of overwhelming joy for them.


Promotional Gifts Singapore


We have a unique range of corporate promotional gift categories such as bags, desktop accessories, drink wares, electronic gadgets, portfolios & folder, trophies, apparels, uniforms, leather gifts and many more varieties.


Business Gifts Singapore


Business includes the extreme solutions to add new relations with your clients, and secondly the manpower that is the most important factor for any business growth. If your goodwill says to reach the next level of demanding corporate level than certainly you must pay attention how to do that, one of the most opted ideas for doing that is rewarding them for their work. We aim at supplying the most trending gifts for our client for always.